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Oxford Friend consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced volunteers. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Hello.  I'm Chris. 

I am a gay man in my early-50's.  I have been a volunteer with Oxford Friend since 2015 and became a Trustee in 2016.   My 'sexuality journey' is slightly unusual in that I have an ex-wife and 3 fabulous children, and only came to appreciate that I was in fact gay a few years ago (I came out in 2013 with no regrets!).   I joined Oxford Friend because I wanted to offer my own experience to help the growing number of  men who have married women (and maybe have children) and are curious about - or are anxious to embrace - feelings that they aren't straight, after all.

Hiya, I'm Hannah.

I've been involved with Oxford Friend for 5 years and a trustee for 2, volunteering came to mind when I went to Oxford Pride.

I personally identify as a bi-sexual poly female. I'm also a proud parent, grandparent, baker, ex-dancer and stage school lovey with a false eyelash addiction.

I'm a Hypno-Pyschotherapist specialising in Alternative Sexualities and I'm currently Oxford Friends Webmistress and Outreach Worker. 

Hey there! I'm Tom, identifying as a gay male, and I have been an Oxford Friend trainee since October 2016. I'm studying for a PhD at Oxford University, and regularly come to university LGBTQ+ events. Aside from volunteering for Oxford Friend and doing my PhD, I enjoy keeping fit, watching Netflix, and failing to bake macarons.

Hi, I'm Jo and have been volunteering with Oxford Friend for just over a year and have recently been made a trustee. I identify as a pansexual poly female. I am currently training as a humanistic counsellor with a focus on exploring and celebrating diversity in identities and relationships.


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